Our Services


EFA Engineering delivers engineering services that result in high quality technical results. We have developed strong relationships with specialist organisations from a range of disciplines and have the capabilities to arrange services outside of our immediate expertise..

Delivery Partner

  • With our multi discipline team, we can work as a Delivery Partner at any project, at any GRIP/PACE Stage.
  • We provide a team alongside the client to lead or complete the client’s team and deliver a project.
  • We can offer all the Engineering, Project Management, Delivery and Commercial support required for a successful, on time and on budget project.

Standalone Deliverables

  • We produce and create standalone documentation or design throughout the project’s lifecycle. ​​
  • Our experienced technical writing team can produce engineering or project management documentation and specialist design to meet the clients’ needs.  ​
  • We work closely with the client to understand their needs and remain close during the engineering assurance process to ensure on time delivery and best results.

Our Specialists

  • We provide Engineering, Project Management, Commercial and Delivery specialist resources to complete the client’s project team either from Network Rail or the supplier side. 
  • Our experts, from all disciplines, will become an integral part of the client’s team for as long as required, offering specialist knowledge and advanced competence to the team. 
  • We have a wide network of specialists across all disciplines and levels.