Standards are integral to the rail industry. They have been developed over many years and create a set of practices that ensure a safe, high performing and cost efficient railway. However, there are times when the cost to comply with the requirements of a standard are high and the risk associated with a non-compliance low. For this reason processes exists to challenge standards in the industry is being encouraged to do so to increase innovation and creativity and to reduce costs.

When to Challenge?

The Challenge of Challenging and how EFA can help

Safety must always be the number one priority when considering whether it is appropriate to challenge a standard. If a new way of doing something is identified that saves time and money then the challenge is generally to demonstrate that the full implications of making the changes have been identified and that it’s not unsafe to do so.

The EFA Engineering has a great deal of experience in challenging standards across multiple disciplines. We have the capability to determine whether any unforeseen issues arise from making the changes and whether it is sensible to pursue the challenge.

We can build a sound engineering argument to support a Variation, Derogation, or Standards Challenge and complete all the documentation to make the application for our clients.